8K Times Two

Two 8K runs in the past two days – but two very different runs.

Yesterday, I ran 8K, barefoot on the treadmill, at an easy pace. I ‘d wanted to run outside, but it was raining hard when I woke, so I ran inside instead. Not that I minded – unlike many runners, I actually like the treadmill, and it was fun to get back to it after the past few weeks of running on the roads. I got to stare at the race route maps on the wall in front of me, sweat buckets, and do the ‘treadmill trance.” All good.

Of course, by the time I’d finished and come back upstairs, the rain had stopped and the streets were completely dry…

This morning, I ran an 8.5K interval session outside, in my huaraches. The session consisted of a 3K warmup at an easy pace, then four one-minute sets at 85% of my MHR, with two minutes at an easy pace in between, and then doing the remaining distance at an easy pace. I got to see the sun come up, and it was a balmy 14C, so all was right in the world.

Running in the huaraches is a real joy. They’re lighter and more open than my KSOs, of course, but their thinner sole is the biggest difference. I can really feel the ground I’m running on – and that’s exactly what I want.


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