35K in Huaraches

Today’s run was a most excellent 35K, at an LSD pace, in my huaraches. Fueling was courtesy of Hammer Perpetuem. It was 8C when I started, 15C when I finished, and sunny all the way.

The run was, in a way, a dress rehearsal for the Mississauga Marathon, which is four weeks away. Singlet and shorts, Ryder sunglasses, hydration backpack with Perpetuem, and huaraches.

My huaraches are now officially my drug of choice! They’re such a joy to run in!

I followed it all with my favourite post-long run ritual – an ice bath, a hot Epsom salts soak, and a strong espresso. Works a charm, every time.



    1. I sit in the tub, and, while running cold water, empty a large bag of ice cubes into the water. Turn off the water when it’s about waist deep, and soak my lower body in the ice-cold water for 10 to 15 minutes. The theory is that this repairs micro tearing in the muscles after a long run. It works – my recovery is much quicker.

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