A Good 25K

My string of good runs continues…

Today’s was a 25K run, at an LSD pace. I wore my VFF KSOs rather than my huaraches, because it was cold (5C, but closer to 0C with the wind chill) when I started. I also wore tights and a long-sleeve jersey, which was a real change after these last couple of weeks of high double-digit temperatures, when I’ve been able to wear just a singlet and shorts.

My focus today was on running relaxed and keeping a steady pace for the distance. Managed to do both quite nicely, which was good. And the sun came out about 8k into the run (it was overcast and raining very lightly when I started), which was simply icing on the cake.

No aches, no pains, no down times, and I finished the run feeling quite fresh. I had a bowl of home-made granola and kefir when I got home, followed by an espresso, then enjoyed a nice hot Epsom salts soak.

What a wonderful way to spend the morning!

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