22K Barefoot

I ran 22K barefoot today. That’s my longest barefoot run to date. No issues, much joy.

Once again, I ran on the paved park trails near my house. The short stretch of soft sand that was there on Thursday is gone, though – before they left for the weekend, the construction crew added a layer of rough gravel on top of it. Part of learning to run barefoot is adapting to new running surfaces, so I did my best on the gnarly stuff, and ran on the adjoining grass when the gravel became too much. The grass wasn’t much better, though, as it hid nasty things like half-buried tree roots, not-so-small tree branches, and great big prickly weeds. So I was back and forth between gravel and grass for those 1600 meters on each loop of my run (I did a total of four loops), and grateful to get back on to the pavement.

Otherwise, everything was just great. There’s a longish section of the trail that was paved last fall. It’s so smooth that it’s like running velvet (well, at least compared to that gravel and grass nonsense).

As I said, though, no issues. My feet feel good, and the rest of me is doing quite well too, thank you very much.

When I got home from the run, I had a smoothie made of soy milk, chia, and hemp protein powder. Then came the luxury of an ice bath, followed by a hot Epsom salts soak, and an espresso. Now I’m ready for a little well-deserved relaxation time.

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