A Mixed (But Good) Week

It’s been a mixed week so far for distances and types of runs – but not for quality. In fact, I’ve had an absolutely delightful set of runs.

On Monday, I did a 10K hill repeat session, which included 6 hills of 200 meters each, plus the usual warmups and cooldowns to get to and from the hill location. I wore my Vibram Fivefingers KSOs, as I thought it was a little too chilly to run barefoot. On Tuesday, I ran a barefoot 8K at a steady pace, along the paved trails near my home. I did this in the early afternoon, as it was still quite chilly early in the morning. I didn’t run yesterday, as I felt an odd tiredness, and thought it wise to pay attention to whatever my body was telling me.

And today, although it was still quite cool (6C), I went out for a barefoot run at 7:00 AM, and did a full 9.5K. I did this run on a mix of road pavement and sidewalks. That in itself was quite an achievement, as I’ve found that I can now run on sidewalks (which are decidedly more roughly-textured than asphalt), without any significant wear and tear on the soles of my feet.

I’ve finally accepted the learning that I have to learn to run slowly and lightly, for longer and longer distances, before I can learn to run quickly, if I want to be a barefoot runner. That’s really OK with me. I’m not a fast runner anyway, and have no burning desire to be one. I do like running long distances, though, and I really like running barefoot.

It’ll help that the weather continues to warm up. As my soles become ever more conditioned, and the surfaces I run on become warmer, it’ll be a joy to find those longer distances.


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