Weekend Runs

A couple of good runs this weekend…

Yesterday’s was a strong and steady pace 5K barefoot run, on a nice out-and-back loop of streets near my home. Today’s was a slightly more leisurely 15K barefoot run, doing that loop three times.

On weekends, these streets are very quiet, and very lightly trafficked, so I’m able to run safely and comfortably on the road itself. On both days, I ran quite early, so the only other folks I encountered were a few runners and a few dog-walkers. It’s warm now, so numb feet aren’t an issue either.

I continue to be happy with my barefoot progress. I’m finally running lightly and smoothly, and think that I may actually get quicker if I can keep this up.

Shorter distances now, as the Mississauga Marathon is only two weeks away, and I’m seriously into my pre-race taper. If all goes well, I plan to run the marathon barefoot. I want to do a detailed review of the road surfaces on the race route before I make a final decision, so will make time to do that soon.

What do you think?

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