Broken Hip Anniversary

Five years ago today, I was run over by a truck while cycling. The result was a broken hip (upper femur, actually) and a major concussion. I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital, where I had surgery. Fourteen months of physiotherapy followed before I was functional again. Now I have an assortment of stainless steel bolts, plates, and pins in my left hip, and must wear glasses, as the concussion resulted in permanenent double vision.

A few months after the surgery, I was told by an orthopedic surgeon (not the one who did the surgery) that I’d never be able to run again.

I started running again two years ago. In that year, I ran an 8K race, two 10Ks, and a 16K race. Last year, I ran a 10K race, two half marathons, a 30K, DNF’ed in a marathon (bailed at the 27k mark), and completed my first 50K ultra. This year, I’ve already run a 30K race, will run a marathon 10 days from today, a 50K ultra in mid-June, and then a 10K, a half marathon, and another 50K ultra.

I’m an ordinary person, and an ordinary runner. But I had an excellent surgeon, a marvelous physiotherapist, and a huge amount of support from my wife that enabled me to get through it all. I couldn’t have done it otherwise.

I’ve rediscovered the joy and wonder of running. Life is good – and it’s getting better all the time!



  1. Alan,

    What a great story! And I’m worried about recovering from a little stress fracture?

    Keep up the great running! I’ve been following your progress and you are an inspiration.


  2. Bah… I guess I should have looked a little harder at the photo… That is a huge nail! Have you had any setbacks since you started running again?

  3. Wicked break…Do you have a X-Ray after the metal plates and screws were inserted? I am sure by now you have informed the Doctor of your feats! Very incredible!

    Life is good!

    1. The photo I posted was taken about a month after the surgery. It shows all the pins, plates, and posts. (The metal is very bright in the photo, while the bones look shadowy by comparison.)

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