Almost Marathon Ready

I’m pretty much ready for the Mississauga Marathon on Sunday. (As ready as one ever is for a marathon, anyway… )

On Wednesday evening, I picked up my new Nathan hydration pack.

It’s quite a remarkable piece of technology. The bladder holds 2.0 liters (the same as my ancient CamelBak Classic, which can now be retired with honour), at about 1/3 the weight of the CamelBak. It’s got a very different shoulder strap/harness system, which I think will make it vastly more comfortable. And it’s got a couple of mesh pockets on the front of each strap, to hold things like fuel goodies, gloves, a bandana, etc.

Last night, I made some of my most excellent home-brew energy squares, and will stuff a few of those into the aforementioned mesh pockets.

Today I’m trying to do as little as possible. Not an easy thing for me, let me tell you. But the more I rest I get today, the more gas I’ll have in the tank on Sunday. Tomorrow, I’ll swim some long, lazy lengths in the pool in the morning, and in the afternoon go to the marathon runners’ expo to pick up my race kit. (I’m bib number 1239, by the way.)

I learned this morning that live race results for the marathon will be available via Facebook. If you’re interested in watching my progress, you can become a Facebook friend (my username there is alan.thwaits), or go to the Mississauga Marathon site, click on the “Live Results on Race Day” link, and enter my last name (Thwaits), city (Mississauga), and the event name (Mississauga Marathon). (The first option would save you a few mouse clicks, but the choice, of course, is up to you.)

Now all I have to do is stay calm. Easy to say, hard to do.



  1. Alan, I have this pack and love it. Just a word of caution on the Nathan bladder. From the reviews I read about it the bladder can leak. I ordered a camel bladder right off the bat – didn’t even try the Nathan one. Plus the bite valve on the camel bladder is really nice. Maybe your camel bladder will fit. I have the hydronium 2.0. The vest is extremely comfortable, almost like it’s not there.

    Best of luck Sunday.

    1. I did a test of Nathan bladder last night. (Filled it, left in the bathroom sink.) Thankfully, no leaks. Thanks for the heads up, though!

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