Marathon Happiness: Part 1

I’m going to post more about yesterday’s marathon later, when I have time. It was good one, though. Terribly slow (a finishing time of 5:26), but I finished upright, smiling, and with no pain or other issues. Could have been worse.

I’ll have more photos tomorrow, but here’s one taken just before the start:



  1. You know, I’ve had that vest for about 6 months and until I just saw your picture with it on I had no idea that clip was for the drink tube. I was using it to secure the extra length of the adjustment clip. It was one of those hand-to-forehead, light-dawns-on-marble-head moments. So obvious.

    I too am glad you completed it happy and injury-free. Just curious, how many guys do you know that run marathons after breaking their hip a few years back and were told they could never run again and do it with a smile. As of today, I know one.

    1. Those “ah ha!” moments are fun, aren’t they? šŸ™‚

      As for other broken hip runners, I didn’t know of any until last week, when I read a post on Michael Sandler’s blog. He broke his hip four years ago, and posted an x-ray photo very similar to mine.

  2. Nice work. Remember, we humans aren’t built to be fast, just to run a LONG WAY! The mere fact that you completed it happy and injury-free should make you elated.


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