Marathon Happiness Part 2

It was a slow one, but a good one.

I finished the Mississauga Marathon last Sunday with a finishing time of 5:26:29. That’s embarrassingly slow. (It translates to a pace of 7:44 minutes per kilometer.) That said, I actually finished the race, instead of blowing up and bailing at the 27K mark, as I did last year. And I finished upright and smiling, with no pain at all. Even more importantly, I didn’t once experience the Valley of the Shadow of Death, that horrible experience where everything gets dark and gloomy, and you can think of nothing else but “What the hell am I doing here?”

I enjoyed myself immensely. To be able to say that about running a marathon is saying a lot.

As I always do, I ran the first half of the race at a pretty decent clip, and then faded on the second half. (With each race, I’m trying to overcome this nasty habit. But I haven’t got there yet.) All the way through, I enjoyed the route, the company of other runners, and the beautiful weather.

Here’s a photo of me at about the half-way mark:

(Thanks to Brittany W. for the photo!)

As you can see, I ran the marathon in my VFFs and with my new Nathan hydration pack. Both worked brilliantly.

My wife (who’s my biggest and best supporter) saw me off at the start and met me at the finish, and some friends were there at the halfway point and also at the finish to do their bit. That sort of thing means a lot, as anyone who’s run a marathon will tell you.

After the finish, it was only a short drive to my home, where I had my now-familiar post-race ritual of ice bath, Epsom salts soak, and an espresso. My muscles were a little tight on Sunday evening, but pretty much back to normal by mid-day on Monday. I did a 5K barefoot recovery run on Tuesday, and have been running every day since.

Upright and smiling, and a swift recovery. By my books, that’s pretty good!

Next up is the Niagara 50K Ultra on June 19. I hope to do that one barefoot. But we’ll have to see training goes.


One comment

  1. Greetings from Sweden!

    Inspiring! I’ve been following your blog for a while and I enjoy it 🙂
    I’m transitioning into barefoot running myself and I am gonna run a 5k next week! (in my KSO’s sisnce my soles still are a bit tender past 3k so far).

    good luck on the ultra! My goal is to _someday_ run an ultra myself 🙂

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