Good Weekend Runs

Non-running things kept me busy this weekend, but I still managed a couple of really good runs.

Saturday’s run was 15K barefoot, at an LSD pace, on a mix of asphalt and sidewalks. I stayed to my ultra pace, and managed to nose-breath the whole time. It was 18C and sunny at 7:00 AM, but not as humid as previous few days had been. On Sunday, I switched to my VFF KSOs for a similarly-paced 25K run. Once again, I set out at 7:00 AM or so, which seems to be my default running time these days. It was a lovely morning to run, bright sunshine and 23C.

I ran in the VFFs yesterday because that small bruised spot on the ball of my right foot opened up again. About three weeks before the Mississauga Marathon, I got a small cut there from running over a sharp stone, and the skin, though well healed, is still a bit thin. So every time I run for more than 15K, it opens up very slightly. There’s no real pain, and I can still run barefoot, but I’m afraid that if I keep running barefoot on it, it will open up further. So it’s back to the VFFs until the skin heals completely again.

This wouldn’t be an issue if I weren’t preparing for the Niagara 50K Ultra on June 19. I could simply allow the healing to happen, then run only short distances until the skin on the ball of my foot gets wholly conditioned again. As it is, though, I need to keep my distances up in preparation for the 50K. Maybe I’ll get it all sorted out after June 19.

In the meantime, I’ll run in the VFFs when I need to, and barefoot whenever I can.


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