8K and Krazy Glue

Had a good 8K barefoot run this morning, on streets that were still wet from last night’s rains. Such a good feeling!

And I think I may have resolved (or be on the way to resolving) the problem I’ve been having with that small cut on the ball of my right foot. Regular readers will remember that I got the cut about three weeks before the Mississauga Marathon. At the time, I decided that the common sense response was to go back to wearing my VFFs until after the marathon. I did exactly that, and then resumed running barefoot, in preparation for the Niagara 50K Ultra on June 19, which I’d like to run barefoot.

Problem is, the skin around that cut is still pretty thin. So, though the cut itself healed, when I run for about 15K or so, it opens up very slightly. Slap some Polysporin and a Bandaid on, go back to the VFFs, and it closes up again. The question becomes, “How long do I have to tun in my VFFs before it heals well enough to run barefoot all the time?” (Barefoot all the time, of course, being where I really want to be.)

The answer came from blog reader and fellow Barefoot Runners Society member Nate W., who recommended, of all things, Krazy Glue.

Yes, Krazy Glue.

I didn’t know this, but Krazy Glue (and its variously-named siblings) was used in the Vietnam War to treat battlefield injuries, and has been used by veterinarians since 1970. There are medical versions of it too, one of which is called Derma Bond. Krazy Glue, Derma Bond, Super Glue – it’s all more all less the same stuff, apparently. (If you’re curious about what they actually are and how they work, check out this Wikipedia entry.)

So last night, I dabbed some Krazy Glue on the ball of my foot. And this morning I ran 8K barefoot, without any ill effects whatsoever. Some of the glue wore off, as I expected it would, so before tomorrow morning’s run, I’ll dab on some more. Hopefully, this will enable me to keep on running barefoot, and still allow the cut to heal underneath.

Krazy Glue. Who would have thought the solution could be so simple?


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