Keeping Busy

I did a 5K barefoot run this morning. I had planned a much longer run, but life has been pretty busy of late, and I simply didn’t have time. It was a good run, though. 13C and very humid.

My father is in the hospital, and heading towards palliative care/hospice care, so that’s keeping me very involved on the family front. More about all that – and how running is helping me deal with all the stress – in a later post. In addition, we’ve just welcomed a new addition to our household. Kelso is a two -year greyhound we’ve adopted. He arrived yesterday. He’s a very lovable guy, but it’s “adjustment to a new home” time, and he’s making very understandable demands on my time.

Kelso might become a sometime running companion for me. Some greyhounds become jogging buddies, and some don’t. Right now, we’re just getting used to each other. Once the dust has settled, I’ll try him out on some short runs. Will post more about that later, too.

This morning’s run was supposed to be a 30K LSD effort, my last long run before I start my pre-ultra taper. (The Niagara 50K Ultra is only two weeks away.) Didn’t happen, though. Not a huge issue, as I’ll juggle my run schedule over the next week or so to make amends. The good news is that this morning’s run did me a lot of good, body and soul, in the midst of all that’s going on.


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