Ultra Weather

Just had a look at the long-range weather forecast for next Saturday, to see what things might be like for the Niagara 50K Ultra. According to our friends at the Weather Network, it’s going to be a sunny day, with a high temperature of 28C (82F), though with the humidex factored it it will feel like 34C (93F). (The humidex is a number used by Canadian meteorologists to reflect the combined effect of heat and humidity.) The forecast low temperature is supposed to be 20C (70F), which is also OK.

That’s good. I like heat and humidity. In fact, I run much better in hot and humid conditions than in cool and dry conditions. The Niagara 50K starts at 7:00 AM, so I think it’ll be close to 20C when we set off, which is a comfortable temperature for a race start.

The wind will come from the south-west at 30 km/hr (18.6 mph), which means a fairly brisk headwind for the first (Niagara-on-the-Lake to Niagara Falls) leg of the race, then a tailwind for the trip back to the finish line. That’s good. I’ll be happy to have a little push for the second 25K.

That all sounds very, very good to me. Let’s just hope the weather gods continue to smile on this year’s Niagara 50K.



  1. Alan:

    I think the weather and your attitiude will make for a successful Ultra 50 for you! Keep up with the positive vibes.

    FYI, I ran my third half marathon yesterday (Saturday) and it was the first, and farthest, I’ve run in my VFFs. My goal was to run a nine minute mile and I succeeded in achieveing an 8:05/mile (roughly 5 minute/kilometer)!

    Funny thing was that I still had some MAJOR raw spots on my feet from previous blisters (still breaking the feet in!), so I used Krazy Glue! Thanks to your blog for my successful run – without it I would’ve never known about that trick.


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