Yesterday, I had my regular PSA test. (I’ve had these once every six months since receiving intensive radiotherapy in the Spring of 2006 for prostate cancer.) The news isn’t great.

My PSA count is up, Again, That means the radiation treatments didn’t catch all of the cancer, and that it’s still present somewhere in my body. The task now is to find out exactly where. So I’ll soon start another round of tests at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto. This will be pretty advanced stuff, as I’ve volunteered to be part of a new clinical trial involving MRI-based target biopsies. (It gets rather technical, so I won’t go into the details.)

This news is a major drag. I had hoped that, five years after my initial diagnosis, I was done with tests and uncertainty and worry. When you get to my age (62), you’re very aware of your mortality anyway. You really don’t need the specter of cancer looming large to make you think about it even more.



  1. Just keep running and maintaining your healthy lifestyle. Enjoy yourself and live your life the best you can. This way, one day when you are looking back on your life(which we will all have to do at some point), you won’t feel any regret.

    Best wishes to you my friend. I hope they find whatever they need to to keep you healthy.

  2. Just discovered your excellent blog, Alan. I’m 60, a minimalist runner, and also aware of my mortality. Your “running spirit” will give you strength. Take good care. Duncan.

  3. Alan,

    I am so sad to hear your news. I’m probably on a similar path (enlarged prostate, PSA still low but biopsy showed “PIN” which is a likely precursor).

    I’ll be praying for you and a positive outcome.

    Keep up the running though!


    1. You’ll be in my thoughts, Bob. You’ll have some rough times, I’m sure, but it’s a journey that brings lots of learning as well.

  4. Alan,
    I’m sorry to hear that. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything to come goes as well as it can.


  5. Alan:

    My thoughts go out to you. I have much faith that you’re fighting spirit will pull you through this, as it did previously.


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