I learned` some time ago that, in order to have my physical and mental health, I need to maintain a tripod. Diet, rest, and exercise all need to be present and in balance. When one of the legs of that tripod is missing, things go askew. When two of them are missing, life comes unstuck a little. When all three go, everything – and I mean everything – goes sideways.

This past week, I lost track of rest and exercise. Lots of stress in my life lately, and the lingering effects of that 35K barefoot run, plus a very busy daily schedule, meant that I couldn’t keep the balance I need. Tuesday was probably the worst. I came very close to zombiedom on Tuesday.

But I knew that, if only I got some decent sleeps, the rest would follow. And that’s what happened. I made sure that I kept eating properly and well, and I struggled to get all – or at least most – of the sleep I needed. I took the dog for lots of walks, I didn’t run, and I tried not to worry.

This morning, I went for my first run after last Saturday’s Niagara 50K Ultra. I ran 5K barefoot, on my favourite local sidestreets, and in a light rain. I offered cheerful hellos to everyone I saw, dog-walkers, other runners, and even a couple of squirrels.

I think I’ve got my mojo back.



  1. An apt description of how many people live their lives. “Live” being a fill-in-word of what their existence is rather than a true decription. Good on you for figuring it out. You got it!

  2. Yes! Yes to the great words of wisdom you’ve just laid down, and yes to the fact that Alan has hiis mojo once again! That mojo, as Autin Powers so aptly displayed, is our strength incarnate. That mojo is what’s going to help you past this latest trial with cancer.

    It warmed my heart to read today’s post. Welcome back, Alan.


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