People are often surprised when I tell them I think of myself as a lazy person. They see the monster training programs, the six-day-a-week running, the occasional ultra, and they just shake their heads. But it’s true – I’m lazy.

Running is easy. Even running a long way, or running in poor weather, or doing long treadmills runs in the winter – it’s all good, and it really doesn’t take a lot of effort. Of course, the positive results, such as the endorphin rushes, the huge sense of accomplishment, and feeling very fit, are part of the overall goodness. But I must confess that I run because it works for me, and because I like it. Therefore, it’s easy.

Lazy isn’t an altogether good personality dynamic though. In fact, I’m told I’d be a better runner if I worked harder at things like crunches, pushups, squats, and lunges. So, with the goal of becoming a better person (and maybe a better runner), every once in a while I make an effort, and actually do some exercise.

I recently started such a regime. For each of the past two days, I’ve done 30 pushups and 60 Bender Ball crunches. From now on, I’ll build on that base until I’m doing about 120 crunches each day, and as many pushups as I can. (I really dislike doing pushups.) Over the next week or two, I’ll add squats, lunges, and lower core strengthening exercises on my FitterFirst ball.

When I’m doing all of that on a regular basis, I will, I’m sure, be stronger and fitter, and I’ll feel a little virtuous to boot. But I’ll still be lazy. 🙂



  1. Alan:

    I’m a firm believer in cross-traiining. In fact, even though I run, bike, swim, do Triathlons, lift weights, etc., it’s all really to support my true passion, which is mixed martial arts.

    I am a former bodybuilder and personal trainer (when I was much younger), but now I lift weights and do crossfit classes, not only to support my MMA, but also because I firmly believe the best way to slow down time’s affect on our bodies is to ensure our core is strong and that we don’t become complacent. Obviously complacency is not a worry for you; I’m glad, however, to hear that you are incorporating a core strength regimen.

    Funny thing, I’ll never forget what my 10th grade geometry teacher always used to say to us: “Laziness is efficiency.” Well, at least in geometry… :^)

    Keep up the great work!


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