Almost Perfect

This morning’s run was as close to perfect as I could wish. 8K barefoot, in just a pair of old running shorts. No shirt, no watch, and no water-bottle. (I’d have worn less, but have no desire to get busted for indecent exposure.) At my 6:30 AM start, it was already, with the humidity factored in, the equivalent of 34C (94F). I was in absolute running bliss.

In spite of the hot and humid conditions, I saw people wearing long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and even a couple of folks wearing sweatshirts. It always puzzles me that, when the weather gets hot, people wear lots of clothes and close themselves in refrigerated rooms, rather than take off their clothes and go outside. Then again, I’m puzzled by people’s tendency to wear boxes on their feet to run, and to put on clothes to go swimming. A lot of things don’t make sense to me.

Not to worry. The coming days are going to be hot and humid, so I’ll run blissfully for as long as I can.


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