Running Again!

Got out for a very pleasant 5K barefoot run this morning. That’s my first run since Sunday’s 15K. I’m still not feeling 100% after four days with the flu, but I really needed to run. One more day without a run, and I would have been very unpleasant company indeed.

It rained early this morning, and it was still very hot and humid for my 7:00 AM start. (33C or 91.5F with the humidity factored in). But it was bright and sunny, and the roads shining with wetness made it quite magical.

Running post-rain has couple of minor downsides. One is that the road surface has a little more debris (small stones) than when they’re absolutely dry, and the other is that those small stones occasionally stick to the soles of my feet, rather than just roll off. The upside – which far outweighs the downs – is that I get to run through puddles of warm rainwater. Serious fun, that!


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