Lab Rat

I spent part of yesterday (Monday) in two big hospitals, undergoing the first set of my current cancer tests. I was poked and prodded, drained, scanned and imaged. By the end of the afternoon, I knew how a lab rat must feel.

(My friend Pierre’s response to that was, “As long as you’re the lab rat they want to keep alive, not the one they want to sacrifice.” Good old Pierre, he has such a great way of seeing things!)

I had wanted to run this morning, and thought I’d be able to. Didn’t happen, though.

I woke up feeling I’d been put through a wringer, and so decided to give running a pass for today. I was told yesterday that the various injections, dyes, and such that I was given would give my kidneys a very hard workout. They did, indeed – my kidneys were very sore last night. But today I just feel all over wretched, which I think is simply the cumulative result of all my body had done to it yesterday.

I’m feeling better with each passing hour, though, so am planning to run tomorrow morning. Stay tuned.


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