15K Barefoot

I had a very good 15K run this morning, barefoot and shirtless, on a mix of pavement and sidewalks. It was 21C and humid.

The run was good in a number of ways. First, I managed a nice smooth pace for the whole distance, Not quick, not slow, just a good cruising speed. Second, I maintained that pace – and the good form that went with it – over the short bits of rough pavement on this particular route. I can’t always do that, for some reason, but it worked well today. Last, but certainly not least, I had a few moments of “no thinking,” times when the “monkey chatter” of the conscious brain gave way to an active stillness. It’s always good when that happens.

Yesterday, Barefoot Ted McDonald posted on Twitter that he’s “developing a philosophy of running, a way, that focuses more on flow and grace and joy and health, a daily barefoot dance that rejuvenates.” I like that. It’s very much what I’ve been experiencing lately, and definitely the goal I want to focus on.


What do you think?

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