8K Barefoot – and Relief

I had an amazingly good 8K barefoot run early this morning, strong and fast, on the quiet streets in my neighbourhood. The temperature was only 17C , but it was still quite comfortable.

I found out yesterday that the cancer has not spread to either my bones or my lymph nodes. That means an end to some of the anxiety I’ve felt over the past weeks. The relief showed up on this morning’s run. I ran more freely and openly than has been the case for a while. I’m still not out of the woods, though. There’s definitely cancer present somewhere in my body, and we need to find out where so that I can begin an appropriate treatment program. Up next is an experimental screening test and yet another prostate biopsy in the middle of next month. If that shows that the cancer is in my prostate, further treatment will focus there. If it doesn’t show up there, I’ll start another round of tests to find out exactly where it is.

Running really helps me deal with all of this. I have (and have never had) any physical symptoms of the cancer. The psychological effects, though, sometimes weigh rather heavily. Running – and especially barefoot running – has become a critical part of how I manage the anxiety, the doubts, and the fear that seems to be a normal part of the cancer experience. I don’t know what I’d do without running.


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