13K Barefoot – With Blanks

I’ve just come back from a very enjoyable 13K barefoot run. It’s 22C and sunny out there, with a nice light wind. There was negligible traffic of any sort, as it’s the Sunday of a holiday weekend. (Tomorrow commemorates some long-dead colonial administrator.)

On the run, I enjoyed a number of moments when not much at all happened (the “blanks” of the post’s title). Call it “stillness,” “flow,” or “zone” if you like, but the simple truth is that, for a few extended periods of time, I went completely blank, except for the feeling of moving . I’ve run this route enough times that I know when I can run freely, without worrying about upcoming intersections, traffic lights, bumpy bits, etc. It helped that there was hardly anyone else around.

I think I set myself up for it to happen. I’ve wanted a run like this for a while, and I needed it. Or perhaps I’m simply learning to let go, and just allow the good stuff to come. If that’s the case, I’m all for it!

What do you think?

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