Barefoot Fartlek

This morning’s run was an 8K light speedwork workout. Lots of fun, and probably helpful preparation for the upcoming Underwear Affair 10K.

This wasn’t a structured, track-based interval session, but rather an informal fartlek (Swedish for “speed play”) set. Fartlek consists of short bursts of fast, high intensity running interspersed with recovery runs. It really does feel like playing, and is much more enjoyable than hard, timed interval sets on a track.

This morning, I did about 3K at a brisk warmup pace, and then four sets of running more quickly, at perhaps 90% of my maximum heart rate pace, with sets of slower, but still brisk recovery runs in between. I didn’t wear a watch or a heart rate monitor, so had no precise numbers to measure my effort. I simply used perceived exertion and my own experience to figure out what was happening.

As I said, it was fun. I think I’ll do one fartlek session each week for the next few weeks. It can’t do any harm, and might do my running a world of good.


What do you think?

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