Three days and four runs, each one very different from the other.

On Friday morning, when I usually do my 45 minutes strength and stretching session, I went for a 5K run instead. Wore my VFFs, and ran at a steady pace (6:34 mins/km). I ran shortly after sunrise; the temperature was 3C and the sky was overcast. It was a good run.

Yesterday morning, at about the same time, instead of doing my usual 5k run, I went to my community pool and did 30 minutes of water running. With a flotation belt and a pair of styrofoam dumbbells, I got a good combination cardio/resistance workout. Early yesterday afternoon, I went for another 5K steady pace run, but this time barefoot. The temperature was 9C and it was sunny and bright. Another good run.

This morning, I ran 10K barefoot, at an LSD pace (7:00 mins/km). The temperature was 10C, though it felt a bit colder, because it was raining lightly. It was a surprisingly good run, given the conditions. After the run, I had a really nice and very hot Epsom salts soak. I felt I deserved it.

Sometimes, moving away from one’s normal routine is good for the body and for the soul.


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