I surprised my self this morning. I ran quickly.

I still have a bit of a cold, so was simply aiming for a decent tempo-paced run. I wore my VFFs rather than going barefoot, as I opened a small blister on one toe on Sunday’s wet 10K run, and aggravated it further on Tuesday. The remedy was simple – a little Nu-Skin, a Band-Aid, and the VFFs.

It’s a pleasant morning. I started just before daybreak, when it was 2C and overcast. Little traffic, no pedestrians, and still relatively quiet in my sometimes busy neighbourhood.

Got into a groove quickly and easily, so I decided to chug along at an optimistic pace, and ran the5K at my targeted 10K race pace. Not only was I surprised at going quickly, but also that it required minimal effort. I think the last two weeks of using the Sports Breather has helped a lot; belly-breathing comes much more naturally and easily. And it probably doesn’t hurt that I’ve lost five pounds over the last three weeks.

Sometimes I amaze me. That’s a good feeling.


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