The Zen of Running

When runners talk about books that inspire them, the list seldom includes Fred Rohe’s “The Zen of Running.” That’s a shame, because it’s of the few books about running that truly deserves the title “classic.”

Rohe started writing the book in 1969, and first published it in 1974. It’s been out of print for many years, but Rohe has made it available as a free-for-download PDF file on his site. If you’re into running as meditation, if you want to learn how to relax when you run, or if running for you is a discipline on the way to enlightenment, then you should download and print this book.

“The Zen of Running” won’t teach you how to go faster. It won’t tell you all you need to know about nutrition. It doesn’t contain any performance charts. It will instead show you how to get in touch with the elemental core of running. It will tell you how to connect to the earth you run on. It will teach you about opening yourself to the world around you. It’s sensual and beautiful, and a delight to read.

Highly recommended!



  1. Scratch that… I just finished reading it. Once I started, it just pulled me though like a poem. Occasionally my Ego winced, particularly when I was set against my competitive nature, but my desire to find out more drew me on. I believe that I have a significant amount to learn from this text. Thank you again for the link.

  2. Thank you for the link. I’ll have to put it on my ‘to read’ list right with George Sheehan’s ‘Running and Being.’ I hope to tackle both in the near future.

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