I’m lazy. Given my druthers, I’ll just cruise along. I can go a long way, but I like to do it slowly.

As someone said to me last year, though, if you do only slow training runs, all you’ll ever be is a slow runner. I like to do races as well as train, and a race calls for at least an attempt at going quickly. So sometimes I need to incorporate hills as part of my training.

The Tannenbaum 10K is only a couple of weeks away, and I’d like to acquit myself with honour at the event. So this morning, and once a week for the next two weeks, hill repeats are my baby. Once I get going with them, they’re really not so bad. In fact, I quite like them.

Once the Tannenbaum is done and gone, I’ll go back to being a lazy runner – until, of course, it’s time to train for my next race.


  1. Alan:

    Can you share with us your routine for hill repeats? I’d like to get an idea; perhaps I’ll incorporate them into my training.


    1. My rule of thumb is to start doing hill repeats a little before the mid-point of a race-focused training program (e.g., at week 7 of an 18 week marathon plan). The routine is to do one day of hill repeats per week for between 4 and 6 weeks. Start with 4 hills in your first session, and move up 2 hills per week to a max of 10 hills. The hill repeat session should be followed by a steady or easy pace day. Each hill session starts with a 2K to 3K warmup run. Then run hills of 200 meter to 400 meter of a 6% to 8% grade. Run them at a tempo pace. This will build your leg strength and fine tune your form. On the hill ascents, shorten your stride a little, and keep your cadence high. On the descents, relax as much as possible, and let gravity carry you down. Finish the session with a 2K to 3K cooldown.

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