New Huaraches

My Invisible Shoe huarache kit just arrived in the mail. That means I’ll have a brand-new pair of huaraches in a day or so.

I already own a pair of Barefoot Ted huaraches (the first generation, before they were called Luna Sandals). But they’re broken; I modified the soles by punching some new lace holes, and screwed them up. Before that happened, though, I did a number of training runs in them, the longest being 22K and 25K. They also became my default warm weather, everyday shoe.

I found the huaraches a much more comfortable and enjoyable footwear option than my VFFs. They’re almost as good as pure barefoot. So I’m really excited to start again on the huarache path.

I bought the Invisible Shoe version this time because:

1/ I don’t particularly like the leather upper sole option of the new Luna Sandals. (Yes, I know I can get Lunas without that, but… )

2/ I thought I’d give the Invisible Shoes nylon laces a try. I still have the leather laces from my BFT huaraches, which means I can switch back and forth between nylon and leather whenever I want.

3/ They were on sale.

I’ve already cut out the new soles and marked where the lace holes are going to go. Now all I have to do is get my hands on a leather punch, punch the holes, and lace the beasties up. Then it’s huarache time!

I’m pretty sure that my new huaraches, along with Injinji socks, will end up being my drug of choice for cold weather running. I plan to wear them wear them for the Tannenbaum 10K on December 12.

Photos soon!


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