Invisible Shoes

I’m pleased and proud to show a badge for Invisible Shoes on my blog. (It’s in the left-hand menu bar, just a little bit down from this post.)

I’m a big fan of minimalist huaraches, and the Invisible Shoes version is my favourite. If you’re a barefoot runner, you owe it to yourself to get a pair of these gems. Heck, if you’re not a runner, get a pair anyway; they’re such a joy that you’re very likely to become a runner.

Steven at Invisible Shoes has created a really great product. Even better, he supports that product – and his customers – maginficently.

Do yourself a favour. Get a pair of Invisible Shoes huaraches. You’ll thank me, you’ll thank Steven – and you’ll be a very happy camper.



  1. I will definitely do that.

    In addition, as an update on a previous conversation we had regarding my VFFs and the blisters, the Injini socks did the trick. I no longer get blisters! Yeah!!


  2. Just found your blog and just yesterday ordered my invisible shoes kit. My poor toes get too cold in these vicious California (SF Bay Area) temperatures. OK, I am a wuss.

    1. I look forward to hearing about your huaraches, Ewa.

      And I’ll gladly trade you SF temperatures for ours. Right now, it’s -12C (10.4F).

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