Outside, it’s -14C, and the wind is gusting to 48 kph. So this morning I chose to run inside, barefoot on my treadmill. Only 4K at a steady pace, but it’s set me up nicely for the work day.

Hill repeats tomorrow.



  1. OK, I did run at -20C twice in Poland but there was no wind. I would not run in such wind even if it was warm. Yep, I would chose treadmill too. Never run on treadmill barefoot though. Our gym does not like barefoot people, it seems.

    1. The coldest run I’ve ever done was at -27C. Not fun.

      I’ve never heard of a gym that allows people to be barefoot, either on treadmills or in the weight room. It’s ashame. But that’s why I have my own treadmill…

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