The Experiment

A little more than a month ago, I started an experiment, as noted in my New Tools post. I began using three new tools – the Sports Breather, Udo’s Oil, and stevia. About a week ago, I expanded the experiment by moving to a gluten-free diet.

The results? I run more easily and a little more quickly. That’s due to 15 minutes a day with the Sports Breather, which has increased the strength of my diaphragm and made belly breathing much more natural. Using stevia has meant I’ve been able to eliminate sugar completely from my diet. A daily dose of two tbsp’s of Udo’s Oil has made me feel more energetic and vital. As if that weren’t enough, I’ve lost nine lbs in the past four weeks. I’m now down to 151 lbs, and am on my way to goal weight of 145.

Those are pretty good results, especially considering that it hasn’t been hard to make the changes. Probably the easiest change – and the one with the most significant results – has been eliminating sugar completely. I’ve tried doing that before, but without success. This time, using stevia as my only sweetener, I have more even energy levels throughout the day, and have no cravings at all between meals, as I had before.

The experiment continues. I’ve started a conversation with a holistic nutrition counselor to fine-tune my nutritional program, and perhaps resolve some long-standing issues that haven’t been addressed by the experiment so far. More about that later.



  1. I find that stevia leaves a bitter aftertaste but for me that does not matter since I haven’t been using sugar except for holiday baking 3 times a year.
    I have practically eliminated grains except for occasional rice with sushi, maybe once a month. Works for me but I haven’t been running very long distances. I wonder how it is this diet going to work when I finally build my mileage up.
    BTW, love Udo’s oil.

    1. My experience of stevia is that it’s got a liquorice-like after taste. Not great, but not too bad either.

      I still eat lots of grains (quinoa, different kinds of rice, oats, etc.). After all, gluten-free means cutting out cereals (wheat, barley, rye, malts, and triticale). So I’m not really worried about getting the carb/protein/amino acid fueling I’ll need to run long distances.

      Udo’s Oil is good, isn’t it? And Canadian, too! šŸ™‚

  2. Alan:

    1) Are you using stevia to replace sugar in cooking? I ask because I don’t use sugar or sweetners at all in things like my tea, etc., so the only other source I could be getting sugar from would be my wife’s cooking.

    2) How tall are you?

    3) Have you had your body fat/lean body mass tested? If so, what is it and what is your goal in that regard?

    Pardon me for the questions, but you’ve piqued my interest, since I used to be a bodybuilder and personal trainer.


    1. I don’t sweeten anything in cooking except my home-made granola, in which I use natural maple syrup. The only thing I sweeten, in fact, is my espresso and sometimes my breakfast steel cut oats.

      I’m 5′ 8″.

      I haven’t had my body fat/lean body mass tested. But I might, sometime in the future.

      No problem with questions. Life is all about questions and answers. I appreciate your feedback.

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