Tannenbaum Teaser

I’ll post a full race report on the Tannenbaum 10K later. Here’s a teaser for you…

The weather was dreadful – cold, a steady (sometimes driving) rain, and strong winds. The course was an odd one – lots of quick turns, two 180 degree turnarounds, and three or four tight little loops. But it was a great race.

And good company too. Five of us were there from the Toronto chapter of the Barefoot Runners Society, three of us in BRS shirts. One of us ran the race barefoot, two were in VFFs, one was in Zems, and I ran in my new Invisible Shoe huaraches.

(Photo by Vanessa R.)

In spite of the weather and the course – and maybe because of the good company – I managed to set a new PB for this distance. My unofficial time was 56:15. I’m very pleased with this. It shows that the journey I’m on is going well.

I’m waiting for the official times and photos to be posted online, and will then post a full race report. Stay tuned.



  1. LOL. I grew up with my dad saying, “Not too shabby” all the time, so that’s a very familiar saying to me. I find myself saying that to my kids now, often.

    I’m looking forward to the official recap of your race.


  2. Alan:

    Nice work! That’s 9:02 mile (sorry, I’m from the states, so I think in minutes per mile)! That’s VERY RESPECTABLE.

    Okay, I broke out the online running converter – yoiu ran a 5:38 kilometer. 🙂


    1. It was, as we say here in Canada, “not too shabby.” 🙂

      I’m well pleased. I didn’t think I’d do that well. The official finishing times will be published tomorrow. Will see how they compare.

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