Hiatus and Cusp

I think it’s a solstice thing. Kind of waiting for the year to turn, and start towards something new…

It’s been a quiet week. I’ve run short, easy distances on the treadmill, and I’ve done my light weights and stretching exercises. I’ve looked over my race calendar for 2001, and had a glance or two at the training program I’ll begin on January 30. My nutrition program is on course, and my weight is holding at 150 lbs. I’m reading a lot, and preparing a couple of book reviews to be posted here soon. Listening to some good blues, mostly old stuff from the 1950s and 1960s.

It feels like a time of grounding and preparation. You know when you watch the waves pull back from beach slowly, and you know they’re going to come back with more strength than ever? That’s exactly what it feels like.

I’m just about to get on the treadmill to do another one of those short sweet runs, and to look into a future of long runs on hot days. But I’ll still be here, growing from here to there.

The weather’s supposed to be milder on Sunday, so I think I’ll do a longer run outside. When I do, I’ll look as far ahead as I can.



  1. I can totally relate to this – I think I’ve been feeling the same thing. I didn’t run for 2 days (that’s long for me) and the runs I did do this week were short treadmill things. It just didn’t feel like a running week. I sometimes get nervous when I miss runs – I think I’m still learning that it’s ok..

    1. It took me ages – and a few injuries – to learn that rest is not only OK, but necessary. And now I run better because of that learning.

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