Feel like I got winter somewhat sorted this morning – or at least am back on speaking terms with it.

I went for a brisk paced (6:00) 5K run in -13C temperatures. I dressed as minimally as possible, in long-sleeved shirt, tights, dry-tech toque, gloves, a light wind vest, and – of course – Injinji socks and Invisible Shoe huaraches. The sidewalks were clear, with no icy patches and only a few of the stretches of road salt that can so bedevil minimalist winter runs. The sun came out halfway through the run. It was a hard, cold winter morning sun, but at least it was bright. (We must be thankful for small mercies, as my grandmother used to say.)

Tomorrow’s supposed to be a bit milder, so I’m looking forward to a longer run at a slightly slower pace.



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