Having made my peace with winter (see yesterday’s post), I decided this morning to let winter goes his/her/its own way. And I did a 10K barefoot treadmill run instead.

The temperature outside is mild at -5C. But it’s been snowing lightly since about 4:00 AM, and the sidewalks are covered with a thin layer of snow. Certainly doable in my huaraches, but I’m feeling very relaxed and self-indulgent this morning, and decided not to do it.

So I fired up good old Internet radio and found my favourite blues station. Turned the fan on high, set the treadmill going, and ran a very LSD (7:00) 10K. That translates to a time of 4:55 for the marathon, 5:50 for a 50k race, and a distance of 51.2K for a 6 hour race – a pretty relaxed pace!

Form work this morning involved trying to eliminate my tendency to hold my elbows away from my torso. Breath work was simple – just belly breathe continuously and evenly through out the one hour and 10 minutes I was on the treadmill. I had both going pretty well by the end of the 10K.

I also did some creative visualization. I have the course map for the Around the Bay 30K taped to the wall in front of my treadmill. While moving through the 10K, I dipped in and out of various parts of the route. It helped to pass the time, it was an aid in holding my form, and it was fun.

Good blues, my own treadmill, and a very relaxed pace. Wouldn’t work for everyone, but it was a little bit of Sunday morning heaven for me.

What do you think?

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