Another One

Another 4K barefoot treadmill run, at a 6:14 pace. As I only worked half a day, I’d considered running outside after I got home at noon. The nominal temperature was -5C and (miracle of miracles!) the sun is actually shining. With the windchill factored in, though, it felt like -11C. The sun was more like a lightbulb in a refrigerator than the burning orb I’m so fond of. So it was back to the treadmill for me.

Today’s run wasn’t as smooth as yesterday’s. I didn’t sleep very well last night, and am still a little tired. I felt pretty rocky until about 2K, when things got marginally better. By the end of the run, I almost felt like a runner.

Never mind, I ran. And the calorie counter on my treadmill says I used 409 calories. That’s good – every little bit helps as I continue my journey towards my ideal weight.


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