Sun Running

At the end of January, I’m going to spend a week at a beach resort in Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic.

I’ll stay at the same resort as I did in 2007. Then, I followed a very simple routine – get up at 4:30 AM, do 30 minutes or so of yoga on the beach while the sun came up, lie on the beach all morning, walk the length of the beach all afternoon, and go to sleep by 8:00 PM. For a week, I slept deeply, ate simply, and spoke to no-one. It was a little bit of heaven.

This is the beach. Nice, isn’t it?

Once or twice, I had a look outside the resort entrance, and saw a road very much like this. I wasn’t running at the time, so simply had a good look, walked a short distance along the road, and went back to being a lizard in the sun.

This time, I’ll have a new routine. My training program for early-season races starts the day after I arrive, which works out perfectly. I’ll wake up early, do my “greeting the sun” yoga practice, do a road run in the morning (probably in my huaraches), beach bake in the early afternoon, and maybe do a barefoot beach run just before dinner. I’ll load a few books onto my e-reader to while away the in-between times.

Winter will just have to take care of itself while I’m gone.


What do you think?

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