Just in from a good 8K run. Yes, I ran outside. It’s been a while since I did that!

The temperature was a near-balmy -6C with the wind chill factored in. Overcast sky, and a few fine snow grains in the air. All in all, a much better scenario than the -20C it was just a few days ago. I ran in a long-sleeved jersey, tights, toque, light gloves, and my huaraches and Injinji socks. Very comfortable – it’s great when you have the right kit for the conditions.

I didn’t wear a watch, which is normal for me on training runs. Kept a brisk pace all the way, though it felt almost effortless. This counts as a good one.

One of the wonderful things about minimalist huaraches is that they offer immediate and precise feedback. Not just in a tactile sense, but also from hearing how you touch the earth. If your form’s off, you tend to slap the ground with each step. The worse your form is, the louder the slap. Adjust slightly, regain your form, and you run more quietly. With only a few tweaks, I finished today’s run more quietly than I started.


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