Gravel Bucket

I’m trying something new – gravel bucket training.

It’s a way of conditioning the soles of one’s feet given the realities of winter weather. It’s difficult to go straight from barefoot treadmill running in the winter to barefoot road racing in the spring. My feet simply don’t have enough time to transition properly. Late in the summer, my feet are in great shape, because they’ve had many weeks on pavement and sidewalks. Early in the season, though, it’s difficult.

Hence gravel bucket training. The concept is simple. Buy a plastic tub large enough to stand in, spread some aquarium gravel in it, and march or run in place. I learned about it on the Barefoot Runners Society site and then went to Wal-Mart to buy the needful.

It’s kind of neat. Definitely not painful, more like a good massage. I should have rinsed the gravel first, though. After only a short time, the soles of my feet turned bright blue. Not bad, just a little odd.



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