Gravel Calm

Today, I discovered something new about gravel bucket training – it’s remarkably calming.

This morning, I didn’t do my usual strength and stretch session, because I felt listless and a little gloomy. This afternoon, as a break from studying (for a course in investment securities), I decided to do some gravel bucket training. After 20 minutes of marching in place in my bucket of blue aquarium gravel, I realized that I was feeling calm and somewhat energized.

Not that I should be surprised. I’m a certified reflexologist, so I know that there are approximately 7,200 nerve endings on the the sole of each foot. That’s why foot massages feel so good, and that’s why a reflexology treatment can reduce stress levels significantly. But getting calm by doing a gravel bucket session simply didn’t occur to me. The little I’ve read about gravel bucket stuff has been all about conditioning the soles of one’s feet for barefoot running. No-one’s mentioned relaxation!

As usual, the soles of my feet are bright blue now. But that’s OK too. According to some theories of colour psychology, certain shades of blue can release calming chemicals in the brain.

I think I may be on to something here…



  1. After studying about investment securities I can see how one could use some calming exercises.
    I think I could use those after dealing with my teenage son, or better yet, before. 🙂

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