Nutrition Tweaking

As regular readers of this blog know, I’m a bit of a nutrition freak. It’s always made sense to me to pay attention to what I eat, but I’m probably more attentive to that than many people. And for good reasons – I run long distances, I’m a vegetarian, and I’m a cancer survivor. Plus, I’m 62 years old, and I want to deal creatively with the inevitable consequences of aging.

Until now, my nutrition program has been a matter of trial and error. My fancy name for that is “an experiment of one.” It hasn’t been the most effective or efficient way of fine-tuning the way I live, though, so I’m now doing it with some help.

I’ve started working with Vanessa Rodriguez, a soon-to-be-certified holistic nutrition counselor, to tweak my nutrition program. (Vanessa recently guest posted on this blog about natural sports nutrition.) Vanessa and I are working with the following goals in mind:

  • counter the effects of the radiation treatments I’ve had over the past four years
  • optimize my physical energy levels
  • enhance my psychological and emotional levels
  • minimize the consequences of Asperger’s Syndrome (I’ll expand on this in a later post.)
  • What Vanessa and I are doing now is looking at how I’m doing in a number of body systems, and then having Vanessa suggest tweaks that will improve or enhance functioning in those systems. My role in this partnership is to track what I eat, to report on my energy levels and psychological states, and to implement Vanessa’s recommendations. It’s a holistic process, that is, it will look at all my nutrition choices and how those choices work (or don’t work) for me. It’s going to be quite an adventure!

    More news in later posts. I’ll keep you updated.

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