Looking for Eden

Last week’s sun running in the Dominican Republic has got me thinking. How can I tweak that experience to make it even better?

Not that I didn’t like where I was. In fact, I loved it. But it may be possible to build on what I experienced and learned so that, next year, I can refine the sun/running thing to another level.

So I’m asking you, dear reader, to help me do that.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • sun and heat (daytime temperatures in mid 30C range)
  • basic, comfortable accommodation
  • simple, wholesome, vegetarian food
  • opportunities to run on a daily basis (pavement, not trails)
  • relatively short travel time to Toronto (no more than 5 hours each way)
  • palm trees (I really like palm trees)
  • Places I’ve visited that meet some of the above criteria are San Diego, California; Phoenix, Arizona; Manzanillo, on Mexico’s Pacific coast; Hoguin, on the north-east coast of Cuba, and, of course, Bavaro in the Dominican Republic. I’ve also lived in India and the Philippines, and traveled extensively in the Near East, South Asia, and South East Asia. The latter don’t fit, though, because of the distance involved. (That’s a shame, because there’s a beach I lived on for a while near the southern tip of India that would be perfect, except that it’s so far away.)

    If you have any suggestions for my next week in Eden, please leave a comment.

    (And don’t forget about those palm trees.)


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