Vancouver Sun Run

Earlier today, I registered for the Vancouver Sun Run. This 10K run takes place on Sunday, April 17. It’s billed as “the second largest timed 10K race in the world.” Last year (which was its 26th year), 51,419 runners participated.

That’s an awful lot of runners in one place at one time. The biggest races I’ve been in to date are the Mississauga Marathon (about 13,000 runners) and the Around the Bay 30K (7,000 runners). One way of looking at the Sun Run numbers is this: when I lived in Peterborough, Ontario in the late 1960s, the entire population of the city was 55,000.

I’m going to do the Sun Run as a member of a corporate team (from the investment house that functions as our firm’s back office). That’s another first for me. So a second odd feature of this race is that I’ll be running as a team member, but with people I don’t know and have never met. (They work in Vancouver, while I work near Toronto). And it strikes even me as a little strange that I’m going to travel a total of 8,600 kilometers (there and back) to run a 10K event.

But heck, it’s going to be April in Vancouver. It’s a beautiful city, and spring comes to Vancouver a lot sooner and a whole lot more pleasantly than it does here. As a bonus, I’m got family in Vancouver to visit and to stay with – one of my sons and his wife, and my brother-in-law and his girlfriend.

Running with 51,418 other people means that I’m not going to worry too much about getting a PR. Running barefoot in the Left Coast sunshine will be more than enough for me.


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