Reasons Why

Something I don’t post about very often is why people run barefoot. That’s partly because I feel I’m preaching to the choir. As I discovered in the poll I did a while ago, the majority of readers of this blog either run barefoot or in minimalist shoes.

But there are probably those of you who aren’t yet convinced. Rather than lay out a list of reasons why you should consider running barefoot, I’m going to start your ball rolling (mixed metaphor, I know) by pointing you towards a couple of helpful and informative sites. I urge you to give them each a good look, and use them as a springboard to a further exploration of the subject. If I can nudge you towards going barefoot, I’ll be a really happy guy.

First, Prof. Daniel Lieberman’s barefoot science site. Lieberman’s Skeletal Biology Lab at Harvard University looks at the biomechanics of endurance running, comparing habitually barefoot runners with runners who normally run in modern running shoes. This is science, folks, so listen up.

Second, a page on Christopher McDougall’s excellent site. McDougall’s the author of Born to Run, the book that captured people’s imaginations and hearts about barefoot running. If you like the site, read the book.

Have a look. Start your journey. Think, and question, and, above all, get out there and run barefoot.


What do you think?

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