Inside and Out

I meant to run outside this morning. Truly, I did. Yesterday, the sidewalks were clear and dry. So I checked the 24-hour weather forecast and mapped out a run route. I was ready for a 16K LSD-paced run in my trusty huaraches. Then, last night it snowed. And snowed some more. Quite a bit more, in fact.

When I took our greyhound for his early walk this morning, we waded through snow that was soft and light, but well over my ankles. The dog doesn’t mind that at all, but I’m not, as you know, charmed by winter. There was no way I was going to run 16K in ankle-deep snow. So it was back to the treadmill for me today.

It was a good run. A very good one, in fact, as so many of my long, steady treadmill runs are.

As much as I love my treadmill, though, I know it’s time for me to be outside. The Around the Bay 30K is only four weeks away (exactly four weeks, in fact!), and I need some road time in order to be ready for it. I’ve been running barefoot since November. However, except for a week in the Dominican Republic earlier this month, all that running has been on my treadmill.

Time for a reality check. Clearly, the road is calling, and soon – very soon – I’m going to have to answer. And let me tell you, I’d much rather be able to ease into it than have to suck it up and run with cold, wet feet. I’ll be tough if I have to be, but will wimp my way to my goals if I can.

Let’s hear it for mild temperatures and dry roads!


One comment

  1. I like the snow, but there comes a time when enough is enough and that time is now. We got about 5 inches of fresh snow here in Massachusetts and it’s still snowing lightly. I’m glad I have the treadmill for days like these, but unlike you Alan, I really hate running on it. Maybe if we all think warm thoughts.

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