Bare and Outside

I think I just helped Spring arrive. Not because today was the day to move the clocks ahead an hour, and certainly not because the calendar says that it’s here. It was much simpler than that. I ran outside in my bare feet. Not a long run and not a fast run, but a good one nevertheless.

It’s 2C and overcast here this morning. Just mild enough that running barefoot through icy puddles of water was energizing rather than uncomfortable. And thankfully, there was no rock salt on the sidewalks or roads to worry about. Tights, my oldest long-sleeve t-shirt, a lightweight wind vest, and a toque was all I needed. 4.8K at an easy pace (6.34 mins/km) around my neighbourhood.

I tried something new today. In a recent post to his Web site, barefoot running guru Ken Bob Saxton suggested an exercise in which, instead of swinging your arms, you allow your shoulders and hips to move in opposite directions, and let your arms move easily along with your shoulder movements. It’s a good feeling, and it allows me to run more naturally and gracefully from my core. I’ll do it regularly from now on.

(By the way, if anyone read that post of Ken Bob’s, and can point me towards it, I’d be grateful. I remember the gist of it, but I can’t find the post again, and I want to be sure I’ve got it right. Much appreciated if you can help.)


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