A Good Week

It’s been a good week of barefoot running. A pleasure to get back to it after the previous couple of weeks, when I pretty much fell off the exercise wagon.

Finished the week off with today’s 12.2K run, on a brand-new route. It was on an beside-the-road paved path that was built only last Fall. So I had the pleasure of running on almost new, relatively smooth pavement. It was cold pavement, though, as the temperature was a chilly 0C and the sky was overcast. But I ran smoothly and well (a 6:33 mins/km pace), remembering to stay relaxed. That’s what Sunday runs are all about!

A bonus to the run itself was a very pleasant chat I had at the halfway point with a fellow named Josh, who is curious about barefoot running. I pointed him to this blog and a couple of other barefoot resources on the Net. Hopefully, he’ll be interested enough to try barefoot running. Maybe we’ll even hook up some time.

Other runs this week were in the 5K to 8K range, all of them done at pretty brisk paces. It’s all going very well, considering that it’s only the middle of March. I know, I know, today is the vernal equinox, and therefore officially the first day of Spring. But it’s only the middle of March, and my feet still get a little cold on these runs.

Not to worry. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel – and it’s called Summer!



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