Cancer Update

I met with my oncologist yesterday. My PSA count is at its lowest since the cancer was diagnosed six years ago. It looks like we may finally have beaten it.

What does this have to do with running? Quite a lot, actually. I’ve been running for three years now, and it’s been one of the support pillars that have kept me going. (The others have been the love and support of my wife, and the team of oncologists, nurses, and radiation techs at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto.) Without those supports, I wouldn’t have come this far.

Running has been a physical help, of course. I’m convinced that being fit and healthy has aided in my progress towards being cancer-free. (I should add that I’m not there yet. I need to have my PSA count stay this low for another four years before I get to official “survivor” status.) But it’s also been a huge psychological boost. Living with cancer is scary, because the doubts and the worries are there all the time, every minute of every day. Having my spirits elevated by a good run – or even dealing with a bad one – has been an important part of being able to deal with the stress.

I hope I’m done with worrying about cancer. After six years, I’m tired of it. Whatever happens, though, those three pillars will remain. I wouldn’t be without them for anything in the world.



  1. Very happy about your good news! I’m sure you’ll make the survivor status – just keep running and enjoying life.
    All the best,

  2. I can relate to having cancer shadow one’s life even when supposedly it is not there anymore.
    With your pillars of support I know you will beat it once and for all.

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