Huarache Happy

A cold but sunny weekend, and a couple of good short runs. I ran 5K yesterday (Saturday) and a little over 8K today. The temperature on both days hovered between -2C and -4C, but with the windchill factored in, it was closer to -12C. Not unpleasant, just brisk. (How’s that for a Canadian approach to weather?) Here’s what this afternoon’s weather looked like, using Weather Spark’s excellent graphing tool:

With the temperature what it was, I wasn’t willing to go barefoot, so wore my Invisible Shoe huaraches and Injinji toe socks. A great combination, and one that kept my feet nice and toasty. I didn’t wear a watch (no point really, as I’m no longer training for races). As always, I found my runs much more pleasant without that particular gadget. Instead of wearing my $30 running gloves, I opted for a pair of cotton gloves I bought for $1 at my local discount grocery store. Interestingly, they work as well as my “proper” gloves. And they fit right into my rather scrappy sense of anti-fashion.

It seems I’m getting somewhat eccentric as I get older. I’m OK with that.



  1. I’m from Canada’s most southern tip, and it was a brisk wind today, felt like wind burn, wore my Luna sandals and a touque. Great jog but mostly it was a Sprint Run for me, running like I was being chased and jogging/walking the same distance until I sprinted again…great work-out!

    1. Barefoot is best. But, for those times you can’t go barefoot, minimalist huaraches are by far the better – and cheaper – option.

      I have two pairs of Vibrams. My first pair of huaraches were Barefoot Ted’s first-generation Lunas. The huaraches I have now are from Invisible I recommend them highly.

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